More testing with the Sony A7R4

Doing some more shooting at Doctors Park with the Sony A7R4. I was hoping for some nice clouds, but no such luck yesterday morning. Still fun to play with the new camera and get to know it. I definitely appreciate the larger file size, which feels more like medium format in it’s resolving ability. I’ve been waiting for a while for this camera, and gave up my Hasselblad H3DII when Nikon came out with the D800. Since then I’ve moved to Sony, but noticed the limits a bit in 24x36 inch enlargements compared to medium format. I think I’ll be quite happy being able to produce a 30” wide landscape print at a native 300 resolution. It will make a difference. Not sure whether I’ll keep either of these images, but wanted to post some tests and progress. I liked the feel and mood of these images in black & white.

10 Seconds at F11, Sony A7R4

1/15th Second at F9 Sony A7R4

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