Horses on Farm- LaGrange WI

A couple of months ago we had a good snowstorm here in Wisconsin, so I headed out one Sunday afternoon. Some days you feel like it’s a nice drive, but a waste of time photographically speaking! You’ve always got to enjoy the journey or you’ll find yourself quite a cranky photographer.

LaGrange is quite a rural area in Southeast Wisconsin-a lot of farming, and plenty of open spaces. Just as I was going to head home, I ran across these 2 horses standing outside in the beautiful snowfall. I quickly pulled over and grabbed my Sony A7RII out of the back with a 100-400mm. I wanted to capture it in the moment, so I chose to shoot hand held. I set the ISO to 400 and with IS on the lens I took several shots. Though animal eye focus isn’t available on the Sony RII, I managed to capture a few tack sharp frames. I envisioned it in B&W, and converted in post.

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