New Project in progress..


I’m excited about working on a new project/series. Living here in Wisconsin, I often struggle, trying to find landscape compositions that both inspire me, and “work” visually. Last weekend I was out walking my dog in a new location-Mequon Nature Preserve. It’s a beautiful marshland with several trails, and despite it’s size, quite private and quiet. My golden retriever Lexi is in heaven in such places! The light that morning was beautiful, early enough in the day for some mist, and soft dapples of light through the wooded areas. I pulled out my IPhone, and started taking some shots using the Lightroom App where I could shoot in RAW. I was liking what I was getting, and kept going. Sometimes I like the freedom of using my phone, as I’m not trying too hard, just responding instinctively to what I’m feeling and seeing.

When I got home, I opened up the images, and quickly processed some. I knew right away the lush bright greens were too much for color work-black & white conversion was the approach I needed here. I often like to use NIK Effects- Silver Effects Pro to try some quick visual conversions to see what’s working. The images posted here represent “in progress quick edits.” What’s so hard about photographing in Wisconsin is all the foliage. There’s so much, and it’s so uniform in color, that the eye doesn’t know where to go. However, the trees and branches are so beautiful visually, I’m constantly drawn to the complex landscape. Finding a way to visually organize that is tough. In this case I found an effect like “Pinhole” works as a tool to help me isolate and display the part of the scene that drew me to capture the images in the first place.

I’ll see where this project goes, but my hope is to enter this series in Lenswork “Seeing in Sixes” if I’m able to generate enough images for the project for by the upcoming deadline. Regardless, I’m very excited about exploring this. These first few images are from last weekend. Two were created on my IPhone XS and one on my Sony A7RII with a Zeiss/Contax 35-70mm lens.

5-31-19 Update

Last night I captured a few additional explores before the sun set. Some quick edits here, as is my practice before any fine tuned processing. We’ll see how this progresses. The tree trunk is probably my real favorite from the evening. It spoke to me the most. I’m thinking I like the softer look in what I’m exploring with this. It’s a little more natural.

Sony A7RII, Zeiss/Contax 35mm-70mm, Sony 100-400mm GMaster.

Demonstrating some quick edits on one of the images….

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