Project update 6/7/19

Just adding a couple of new images captured yesterday in Menomonee Falls. I headed out last night about an hour before sunset and worked my way down a section of the Menomonee River. I was quite surprised how many hidden narrow trails there were. The new spring foliage as overgrown a lot of the narrow trails, so they’re easy to miss. Both of these images seemed to capture the feeling I’ve been going for on this project so I’ll continue to see how this progresses and post.

Truthfully, I’m struggling a bit to keep myself going on this project. Initially I was quite excited, the images came easy to me, and required little effort. I wasn’t worried about what others thought, I knew I had something inside that spoke to me, and I wasn’t being overly critical of my work. Now that I made a project out of it, I feel like I’m looking too much for compositions that will fulfill the project, rather than just going out and shooting whatever speaks to me. I don’t want to quit on it, but I feel my first work is the strongest. and putting myself on a deadline to come up with good enough content to enter this in a contest is hampering my success a bit. I think I need to persevere through this, but at the same time not try too hard.

Project progress…

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