Artist's Statement

Photography has been a life long passion for me. My love for both nature and photography developed while growing up in Eugene, Oregon. As a boy, my family and I often went camping in the Pacific Northwest where I loved to wander through the woods and coastal areas, hiking and biking on various trails. When I was 14 I got my first camera, and soon after found myself out in nature looking for interesting photographic subjects. At 17 I purchased a large format 4x5 film camera and began to work diligently in attempting to create black and white photographs that made me feel like I felt when I saw those of the masters like Adams and Weston.  I loved their images for their rich detail and incredible dynamic range. Most of all they held some intangible quality that spoke of vision and masterful technique.  

Today, using high-resolution digital cameras, I strive to create that kind of quality and depth in my photography. In the past I focused exclusively on black and white, but since 2012 my work has shifted to more color work.  In both mediums I'd describe my work as rich, detailed and often dramatic in its interpretation. What drives my photography is my love for the natural world, and my continued quest to find something visually compelling to photograph.  It's also, admittedly a never-ending pursuit of that "perfect" photograph that nags me to keep venturing out, in pursuit of something excellent.  

"The creative photographer comes across something that excites him emotionally, spiritually, aesthetically, and then gives the view a print that is the equivalent of that." Stieglitz

When photographing landscapes and still life, my two approaches are different, yet similar. When photographing landscapes, I see something that excites me, and moves me, and I want to translate my experience of being there emotionally onto an image. Borrowing from Stieglitz,  'I try to make a photograph equivalent to what I saw and felt.' Producing a literal or objective image is not my intention. In the same light, I strive to be true to the scene at hand by not interjecting false elements into an image that didn't exist. With still life, I focus on the more intricate elements of nature. Here, I often place my subjects into minimal environments to focus attention on their shapes and details. I find the controlled environment of the studio allows me to create the light and compositions that precisely convey my interest in the subject.


2017 Black & White Spider Awards- "Maroon Bells"                                                                                                                                                            

2016 Outdoor Photographer-"Group of Trees"

2016 Outdoor Photographer-"Lake of the Clouds"

2015 The Great Outdoors Finalist-"Milky Way"-Outdoor Photographer

2015 The Great Outdoors Finalist-"SuperstitionMountains"-OP

2015 International Color Awards

2015 7th Annual Nature's Color Finalist-Outdoor Photographer

2014 9th Annual Black & White Spider Awards

2013 2nd place "The American Landscape" July issue Outdoor Photographer 

2008 International Photography Awards

2007 International Photography Awards

2005 International Photography Awards


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"Great News"   

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"Carmichael Show"

"Blood and Oil"

"Last Man on Earth"



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